Fifa 14 Pc Full Game Download ★★ Highly Compressed ★★

Fifa 14 Highly Compressed Full Game Download

Fifa 14 Full Game  was shared by ( best torrent site )  Then it was removed by US Digital Millennium Copyright Act 
But We have captured 7,22 gb full game from FTP archieve
Fifa 14  was compressed  from 7,22 GB to 120,1 MB [ October 2013 ]   by SquashFS technique

1- Firstly Click below link to download compressed file of the game  ( fifa14full.squashfs )  

                                                         Download  fifa14full.rar           

                               ( fifa14full.squashfs file + SquashExtract mini client)                                

2-  Secondly You have to use SquashExtract Client  to extract compressed file  due to SquashFS file format. 


 We will give you mini client of SquashExtract to uncompress file

  3-    Now,     Add file     fifa14full.squashfs 

 Push  Run   Game Files will unzip to your Desktop
( It takes 5-10 minutes for you to extract  file.)
4-   Then install Fifa14  and Play, That’s it,


                Enjoy now 🙂 Sorry for bad English